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Usually playing with Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin’s motivation for his golf passion is extremely sweet.

Hyun Bin recently completed a photo shoot and an interview with Esquire Korea magazine. He also mentioned his passion of golf on this occasion.
This conversation began when Hyun Bin was questioned about his favorite sport. He responded with, “Golf and weight training. Weight training is something you do by yourself, and it is painful. But it’s a fantastic achievement.”
Then Hyun Bin disclosed his passion for golf, a sport that has always been associated with his connection with Son Ye Jin. This pair enjoys golfing a lot. They were said to have played golf together when shooting “The Negotiation” in America. Despite getting picked up by Dispatch, many netizens frequently observe the two of them dating while playing golf.
He revealed, “Golf is another sport that I adore. I enjoy it when I can go on the grass for a long period and play while conversing with someone I adore.”
Hyun Bin then discussed how to keep your physique in shape. He stated, “Almost everything is dependent on exercise. When I gain weight, I also gain weight and consume more food to compensate. When I need to reduce weight, on the other hand, I decrease weight and focus on aerobic activity.”
Hyun Bin, as an actor, believes that he must take excellent care of his body. He revealed, “Because of the nature of my job, one of the most essential things for me is to take care of my body. It’s partially to improve my endurance or to shape my physique to match the role.”
“However, if I have health issues, it might have a bad impact on the entire endeavor, so I strive to do my best in terms of health management. Adults are often saying, “He stated.
“The best thing is good health. There may be things you wish to do, but they will be difficult if you are not well. So I strive to keep healthy by listening to adults “He finished.
Meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are relishing their newfound parenthood. Hyun Bin is also rumored to be spending time with his wife and children before returning to the set of “Harbin” early next year.



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