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V BTS Popularizes the Leaf Perm Hairstyle Trend, Becoming a New Favorite for Many Men

Who can resist Kim Taehyung aka V BTS’s allure? V BTS’s charisma is enhanced by his love of dress. In reality, the leaf perm hairdo that distinguishes it is becoming a fad.
V BTS is regarded as a fashion icon in K-pop. Several major and premium fashion labels are vying to become them ambassadors. Taehyung is known for his fashion sense, and his unusual hairdo is no exception.
Yes, the leaf perm hairdo seems to represent a distinct personality trait. This look has also influenced many males, making V a fashion icon.
A thread on theQoo about his hairdo has gone viral. The post received over 65K views and hundreds of comments.
Thursday (12/15/2022), Allkpop launches a post on the internet community forum titled “Leaf Perm V BTS appears to have been referred a lot by guys.” The piece discusses how Taehyung’s hairdo has become a hot issue among fans.
“When people search on Naver for “(leaf perm),” “V leaf perm” displays as a relevant search term. The word ‘(leaf)’ is derived from its leaf-like appearance “I authored the article.
“Her perm is a hot subject on many hair-related sites. V hair, V leaf perm, V leaf cut, BTS V long hair, V hair analysis, and other topics are covered “The uploader went on to say.
“On YouTube, there are several videos and hair lessons regarding leaf perm V BTS. Topics such as V hairstyle, V hair, V curls, and how to produce hairstyles like V hair, among others, have grown in popularity “the caption continues.
For this upload, ARMY – as BTS fans are known – also agrees on V’s success in popularizing the leaf perm haircut.
“I saw a guy requesting the hairdresser to do V’s hair at the salon. The hairdresser, on the other hand, said that they are prepared to do so provided the guy can take excellent care of him. Because he will turn into a “poodle” if he does not handle it correctly. Lol. She finally acquired that hairdo and it suits her “Netizens wrote.
“I work part-time in a hair salon. Many guys carry V photographs with them for reference. If not, the hairdresser displays V’s hairdo as the first style sample “Another netizen said.
“I suppose there are a lot of individuals on Instagram with V haircuts,” remarked another user.
“Many males, I heard, brought V pictures to the hair salon. My relatives who work in such sector informed me. LOL. V looks fantastic with the hairdo in the photographs “Netizens said.



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