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V, Jennie and Kpop idols are called “secret weapons”.

Some Kpop idols have attracted the public’s attention while they were trainees. V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink), … are considered “secret weapons” that the management company introduces in Korean entertainment.
1. V (BTS).
It is not surprising that V (BTS) is on this list because, for fans, the male idol has stood out since his debut.
In 2013, the other 6 members of BTS communicated with fans through vlogs and social media before their debut. But in the case of V, he was kept entirely secret during the 11-day countdown for BTS’s K-pop performance.
Although V trained simultaneously as all the members, Big Hit Entertainment hid his identity until the last moment. This makes fans think that the company is looking for a way to prevent competitors from recruiting V because his vocal talent and appearance are outstanding.
After becoming famous, the male idol shared with the public about the time before his debut. He feels sad and lonely because he can’t interact with everyone like the other members.
Big Hit has never publicly explained why they didn’t reveal information about V, but that doesn’t matter now that he’s become a part of BTS.
2. Jennie (Blackpink).
Jennie had many titles right after her debut, from singers and rappers to fashion icons… However, many people still refer to her with the “mysterious girl” nickname.
In 2012, Jennie’s photo was posted on YG Entertainment’s blog. It immediately became a hot topic and was exciting and sold by many people. Some netizens even searched online with the keyword “mysterious girl from YG” to know Jennie’s identity.
Before Blackpink debuted, Jennie was allowed to perform songs by seniors in the company, such as Lee Hi and G-Dragon. As soon as the name of the famous female idol was introduced, everyone believed that Jennie was “YG’s secret weapon”.
3. Yeji (Itzy).
Itzy’s leader has been noticed since appearing on the reality show “The Fan” in 2018. She was introduced by senior Junho (2 PM) as “JYP’s secret weapon”.
Although Yeji’s performance at that time did not conquer all the judges, it attracted the attention of the Korean public. The audience’s love has helped her top the search rankings overtime on Naver.
Although only performing for a short time, Yeji has shown outstanding talent. And right after debuting with Itzy, Yeji immediately showed off her strengths and became the most prominent element in the group.
4. Winter (aespa).
Winter has attracted the attention of Kpop fans before debuting because of the sudden daily life images shared on social networks. The aespa member’s lovely, natural beauty has been compared by some to actor So Yoo Jin.
When aespa was announced in 2020, SM Entertainment released a trailer for the group and its members. But Winter is the only one who doesn’t show off her singing, dancing or rapping skills, which makes her even more mysterious.
Finally, when the group appeared in public, Winter’s outstanding visuals, unique vocals, and choreography won the hearts of many people.
5. Seulgi (Red Velvet).
The principal dancer of Red Velvet has a unique voice and the ability to play many different instruments. This is why fans always refer to Seulgi as one of SM Entertainment’s “secret weapons”.
After 7 years as a trainee, Seulgi debuted with Red Velvet with the aura of a star on stage. The female idol is considered one of the idols possessing the best dancing skills in the third-generation K-pop groups.



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