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Vincenzo continues to film part 2, and Song Joong Ki reunites with a rumored lover?

In mid-2021, Song Joong Ki confirmed his return to the screen with the movie Vincenzo in collaboration with actress Jeon Yeo Bin. At that time, tvN’s work was loved by many viewers and even entered the top of this cable station’s highest-rated movie.
However, many people are still not too satisfied with the ending, although the supporting characters have all paid the price, the heroine has avenged her father, but the love story between Vincenzo (played by Song Joong Ki) and Hong Cha Young (played by Jeon Yeo Bin) happened too quickly, saying the film with an open ending (Open Ending) would probably be more correct than Happy Ending. Because of that, people were curious whether the film would shoot a second part.
In response to this question, in the most recent interview, screenwriter Vincenzo – Park Jae Bum officially gave the answer and answered the public’s questions.
Accordingly, this screenwriter said that he had considered the second part of Vincenzo for quite a long time and also talked privately with Song Joong Ki about this, but Park Jae Bum has not been able to promise him yet. Audience what.
In addition, the scriptwriter surnamed Park did not forget to compliment Song Joong Ki and expressed his desire to work with the actor many more times.
Speaking more about the possibility of Vincenzo continuing to film part 2, a while ago, actor Lee Woo Jin (who plays a monk at Nan Yaksa Temple) also hinted at this issue: “Because all the actors are very close so the director said he wants to do a part 2 with the old cast. I also want to work with the members of the Geumga Family again.”
This vague answer has made many viewers hope for the release of part 2 of the film one day. But through what writer Park Jae Bum shared with the producer about being too quiet, part 2 Vincenzo seems quite far away, difficult to do.



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