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What did Song Hye Kyo respond after being chastised for ordering The Glory team to erase photographs that showed signs of aging?

The 41-year-old beauty issue of Song Hye Kyo was addressed as a heated topic by the crowd during the press conference to promote The Glory. As a result, several unfavorable remarks stated that she displayed indications of aging. Furthermore, the majority of the audience stated that possessing beauty like Song Hye Kyo at this age is too fantastic to argue about.
Aside from the genuine beauty on display during the press conference, the narrative of Song Hye Kyo’s indications of aging is much lengthier. Recently, allegations circulated that Song Hye Kyo ordered Netflix to erase her video and take promotional photographs for The Glory project since she appeared with an unsatisfactory appearance in this set of photos.
I’m not sure how factual that is, but Song Hye Kyo’s side is just misquoted. Many spectators believe she works unprofessionally, disrespects the audience, and is overly obsessed with appearance concerns, despite the fact that the most essential duty of an actress is acting.
In response to the uproar, a Netflix spokesperson recently addressed the situation for the female protagonist in The Glory: “This video was created to express our appreciation for the audience’s enthusiasm for the program. This year’s Korean film festival will focus on works set to be released in 2022. It was deleted, however, since it showed photographs of The Glory before the series’ debut.”
Regarding the character posters, Netflix stated that the posted image was not the final product owing to a mistake in the design process, thus they were obliged to delete it and re-post it. Netflix also verified that they had received no more requests from Song Hye Kyo and that the information spread on social media was fake.
Before this information from Netflix, a segment of the viewers felt discontented with Song Hye Kyo while she was continually “under fire”. There are also many nice remarks regarding the attractiveness of Song beauties in their 40s.



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