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What happens when a top Korean fashion magazine is too obsessed with Jisoo?

BLINKs discovered Vogue Korea’s special love for BLACKPINK’s eldest sister Jisoo. No exaggeration, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the land of kimchi has officially joined the Jisoo fan club. That is most evident in the introduction lines on this magazine’s green Instagram page.
Vogue Korea is not afraid to give Jisoo the important bio position of the account with 2.9 million followers. After introducing articles related to Jisoo, how to dress as beautiful as Jisoo, how to make beautiful makeup like Jisoo, the new magazine concluded a short but enough line to confirm the position of YG’s beauties: “VOGUE loves JISOO.”
Being pampered by Korea’s most prestigious magazine like this is enough to understand Jisoo’s influence in the fashion world. She also regularly takes pictures with Vogue, of course with costumes and makeup from Dior – the brand Jisoo holds the global ambassador for both fashion and beauty.
It’s not surprising that every time she appears in a magazine or event, Jisoo also gives a perfect effect, receiving special attention from the audience. It can be said that she is the face that “guarantees” the sales and the communication index for the brand she represents.



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