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What is the beauty of Jennie (BLACKPINK) when she suddenly cuts her hair?

Possessing an attractive face, a perfect body, and a top-notch charisma that is hard to match, Jennie (BLACKPINK) is always considered one of the most popular female idols in K-pop. Since her debut, “YG princess” has been almost loyal to long hair and rarely appears in public with a shoulder-length hairstyle.
However, recently, netizens had the opportunity to admire excellent images when Jennie had short hair. Although it’s just a photoshop product from fans, it is undeniable that the BLACKPINK member’s visual and aura has come out with this new look. Jennie’s face is still beautiful, flawless, and full of charm. Besides, the female idol’s aura becomes much more luxurious with short hair, making the opposite person unable to take their eyes off her.



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