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When Han So Hee and Kim Seon Ho Cs sit on chairs, AAA 2022 is unfairly criticized.

The Asia Artist Awards, or AAA 2022, were conducted successfully yesterday, Tuesday, December 13 in Japan. At the conclusion of the event, AAA 2022 followed tradition by conducting a picture session with the invited guests.
Unfortunately, many Knetz in internet groups condemned this combined portrait. This is because AAA 2022 is seen to have treated actors, actresses, and idols unfairly.
The actors and actresses, as well as the MCs, were equipped with white chairs to sit at the front for the united photo. Meanwhile, the idols remained upright and even seated on the floor.
The actors and actresses in the video spreading on social media were first reluctant to sit down. Several actors and actresses were observed attempting to bend down so that the idols behind them could be seen during the picture shoot.
The disparity in treatment of these performers and idols by AAA 2022 drew instant criticism. This is regarded as too exceptional for actors and actresses.
“Couldn’t they at least attempt to make it work for everyone… This is quite insulting “Knetz said. “A limitless awards show,” another said. “What exactly is it? Only the cast at the front are sitting, and all of the idols are seated….?” a few more. “They can supply seats for everyone, this is pretty amazing haha…,” another added.
“Only seats for the cast? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This is our country’s award ceremony; it’s odd that they hold it there “Another person stated. “I’m curious, what’s the problem? Are there any other vocalists sitting? “another apparent. “So they just sit by seniority?” asked another. “No, but our children risk their lives to act on stage; shouldn’t they be able to sit?” additional prompts.



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