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When Song Joong Ki showed up at Incheon International Airport, everybody took notice. The actor made his public debut here for the first time since he revealed he is seeing a British woman.

Song Joong Ki was reportedly present at Incheon International Airport on January 5 (local time) in order to attend the 37th Golden Disc Awards. The award presentation was place in Bangkok, Thailand. Many people were interested in him because of his looks.
Song Joong Ki is making his first public appearance after declaring his relationship with his British lover. The actor arrived at the airport dressed comfortably but with a hat on to disguise his face. He gave everyone a kind grin as he waved them off. Song Joong Ki’s fiancĂ©e wasn’t at the airport, as the writer stated. The actor’s manager and security were with him.
Song Joong Ki was captured with his girlfriend at Incheon International Airport in December of last year after ending the press tour schedule for the film “The Youngest Tycoon in Singapore.” The two are extremely lovingly walking side by side while dressed in white pair clothing.
After divorcing Song Hye Kyo for several years, Song Joong Ki disclosed his new girlfriend on December 26, shocking the audience. The actor’s girlfriend is a British national who isn’t involved in the entertainment business, claims Sports Chosun. Close to a year has passed since they started dating. She frequently joins Song Joong Ki in his activities.
Song Joong Ki, an actor, was born in 1985. After more than a year of study, he married senior Song Hye Kyo in July 2017. But the union barely lasted one year and eight months. He was frequently found throughout the new divorce time in a miserable, lifeless state. Song Joong Ki was thought to be dating actress Kim Tae Ri at the end of October, but he denied it.



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