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Which is More Memorable: BLACKPINK Jisoo or Son Ye Jin? Cameo Appearances in Successful Kdrama Stealing Attention, BLACKPINK Jisoo or Son Ye Jin?

Cameo appearances are widespread in Korean dramas.
The appearance of cameos in K-drama even then often steals the audience’s attention.
The appearance of cameos which fellow artists usually do to support the storyline of the Korean drama becomes more interesting. Although the appearance of the cameo was only as a support or just a promo for the drama, his presence was very enthusiastically welcomed. The presence of the cameos often makes the audience fail to focus.
Because their appearance sometimes has funny, adorable, annoying, or other impressions. Sometimes they only appear for about ten seconds but still manage to attract a lot of attention. Quoting Kbizoom Thursday, April 21, 2022, here are unforgettable K-drama cameo appearances that will surely steal the show.
1. Jung Hae In in the drama Goblin.’
In ‘Goblin’, Jung Hae In plays high school girl Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun).
He is a handsome baseball player who Eun Tak keeps staring at with hearty eyes and calling ‘Oppa’, making the goblin (Gong Yoo) jealous.
In this short cameo, Jung Hae In’s heart-fluttering visual with first love vibes went viral when ‘Goblin” was broadcast.
2. Song Kang in the drama ‘Touch Your Heart.’
Before he exploded, Song Kang was once called a ‘handsome messenger’ when he made a short cameo in ‘Touch Your Heart’.
3. Kim Young Dae in the drama ‘True Beauty.’
Kim Young Dae takes on a cameo role in ‘True Beauty’ as he plays a man who finds Moon Ga Young on the street.
This is his first comeback after the Penthouse craze.
4. Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Jae Wook in the drama ‘True Beauty.’
Also, in the drama ‘True Beauty’, Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Jae Wook from ‘Extraordinary You reunited and acted in a cameo together as they suddenly appeared to watch a movie with the main couple.
5. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in the Kdrama ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles.’
BLACKPINK’s Jisoo had a brief but impactful cameo appearance on ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’.
The character only appears for 14 seconds and has one line before he dies.
6. Bae Suzy in the Kdrama ‘My Love From The Star’
In ‘ My Love From The Star, Suzy plays a student-professor, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun).
He teased her by saying, “You look exactly like my ex-girlfriend Song Sam Dong,” making Jeon Ji Hyun jealous.
7. Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Kyun Sang in the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping.’
“Doctors” co-stars Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Kyun Sang had a cute cameo appearance as a couple on ‘While You Were Sleeping’. You Were Sleeping’.
8. Son Ye Jin in the drama Secret Garden.’
Son Ye Jin once made a cameo in ‘Secret Garden’ without knowing that the male lead in the drama would become her husband many years later.
9. Kim So Hyun in the drama’ Crash Landing on You.’
Kim So Hyun had an epic cameo in ‘Crash Landing on You’ as she reprised her iconic character from the movie ‘Secretly, Greatly’.
10. Kim So Hyun in the drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’
Kim Soo Hyun continues to surprise drama fans with his special appearance on the last episode of ‘Hotel Del Luna’.
He appears as the new owner of the hotel Jang Man Wol.
11. Yang Se Jong in ‘Dr. romantic 1’
Yang Se Jong plays one of the three main characters in ‘Dr. Romantic 1’, and attracted attention with his appearance.
He caused quite a stir when he returned to Season 2 with a cameo role and added a lot of fun to the story.
12. Yeo Jin Goo in the drama ‘Start-Up.’
In ‘Start-Up’, Yeo Jin Goo voiced the AI ​​robot installed in Kim Seon Ho’s character’s house.
At the end of the drama, he appears alone as Hong Ji Seok, a young man whose original plan surprised Kim Seon Ho.
13. Choi Tae Joon in the drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One.’
Right after his big wedding with actress Park Shin Hye, Choi Tae Joon turned into ‘sweetie pie’, Kim Tae Ri’s first love in ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One. Five, Twenty One.
However, this young couple made the audience laugh as they broke up in just two weeks.
14. Park Bo Gum in the drama’ Itaewon Class.’
Although Kwon Na Ra’s love for Park Seo Joon is unrequited, she falls in love at first sight with Park Bo Gum in the ending scene of ‘Itaewon Class’.
15. Kim Sung Cheol in the drama ‘Vincenzo.’
‘Annoying guy’ Kim Sung Cheol became a scene-stealer with his cameo role in ‘Vincenzo’, acting alongside junior actor Song Joong Ki.
16. Park Seo Joon in the drama ‘Parasite.’
Park Seo Jon ‘unexpectedly’ became the actor who starred in the Oscar-winning film with a short but essential cameo scene in ‘Parasite’.
17. Gong Yoo in the drama ‘Squid Game.’
Making a special appearance in ‘Squid Game’, Gong Yoo would never have expected this drama to become a big hit worldwide.
His role as the ‘slapping man’ received special attention.
Although his name was known for many big hits before, the foreign media started calling him ‘Actor of the Squid Game’ after this cameo scene.
So, who do you think is the most impressive cameo appearance in K-drama?



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