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While So Ji Sub confessed to being smitten by Son Ye Jin, he appeared rather icy in his interactions with Song Hye Kyo.

So Ji Sub is a renowned actor in the Korean entertainment industry, known for his sincere and impactful acting. Throughout his artistic career, he has collaborated with numerous female artists, with one of them holding a special place in his heart – Son Ye Jin.

In reality, So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin have shared the screen in two projects, which contributed to their close bond. So Ji Sub himself admitted to feeling deeply moved by his beautiful and sweet co-star, Ye Jin. Their working relationship and friendship blossomed over time.

When it comes to Song Hye Kyo, So Ji Sub’s attitude is entirely different. In the past, the two stars were seated next to each other at an awards ceremony, but So Ji Sub maintained a cold and distant demeanor. He refrained from engaging in conversation or interaction with the “Descendants of the Sun” actress.

Some speculate that So Ji Sub’s reserved behavior towards Song Hye Kyo might be due to his close friendship with Song Seung Hun. Song Seung Hun was previously rumored to be romantically involved with Song Hye Kyo after their on-screen pairing in “Autumn in My Heart.” Others argue that So Ji Sub’s indifference might be because he has never worked alongside Hye Kyo, making such an attitude understandable.

Currently, both So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin have settled down in happy marriages. However, Song Hye Kyo has experienced a breakup in her relationship and returned to the single life. Despite the complexities of their personal lives, these actors continue to capture the hearts of audiences with their remarkable talents and diverse relationships within the entertainment world.

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