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Who is Song Hye Kyo’s 14-year-old screen lover?

In the project that is filming and is expected by many viewers, “The Glory,” Song Hye Kyo is paired with co-star Lee Do Hyun, 14 years younger than her. Here is Song Hye Kyo’s most youthful on-screen lover.
Lee Do Hyun, real name Lim Dong Hyun, was born in 1995. He started to enter the small screen after graduating from Chung Ang University, Faculty of Theater and Film, Korea. He officially debuted in 2017 with the movie Prison Life.
In 2018, Do Hyun impressed the audience when he appeared in the romantic drama “Still 17 years old”. With his acting ability being evaluated well, he was nominated for the Character of the Year category at the Film Awards. SBS TV (Korea) 2018.


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A year later, Do Hyun became a famous name in Korea when taking on the role of Go Cheong Myeong in the movie Spooky Hotel with big names like Lee Ji Eun (IU), Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Soo Hyun, Sulli… A series of Do Hyun’s later projects have stable ratings, such as The Great Show, 18 Again, Happy House…
In the past few years, Do Hyun has been quickly voted a potential young actor in the Korean film market. At the Baeksang Art Awards 2021 (Korea), Lee Do Hyun excellently surpassed thousands of famous names and received the Best New Actor award.
The latest project of the 28-year-old actor is the TV series Melancholia. In the movie, he is paired with a 15-year-old senior – Im Soo Jung. However, this project was not too successful in terms of ratings. In 2022, he was selected by the scriptwriter to pair up with Song Hye Kyo in the long-awaited project The Glory.
In 2021, Song Hye Kyo returned to the screen but was not too impressive called Now, We Are Breaking Up. The film belongs to the romantic melodrama genre without outstanding ratings despite being advertised and introduced quite aggressively. Here is also considered the “most tragic” TV project of Song Hye Kyo’s rating in recent years. Therefore, the actress has high expectations for “The Glory” project. The film will be released on Netflix but has not announced a specific release time.
Song Hye Kyo is one of the brightest Korean stars in Asia. She has more than 20 years of acting in many different roles. Despite being over 40 years old, Song Hye Kyo has always been the star of kimchi that attracts the attention of many Asian audiences. In 2019, she announced her divorce from actor Song Joong Ki and this decision seems to make the name Song Hye Kyo more expensive globally.
The actress has just attended fashion week in Paris, France, and appeared with a youthful, seductive, and trendy appearance. The fashion photos of a 41-year-old beauty in France published in W magazine (Korea) received a rain of compliments from fans.
The Happy House star is known as a real estate giant in Korea. According to Naver, the actress has just sold the apartment she bought in 2005 for 6 million USD, making a profit of 2.2 million USD



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