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Who is the man who makes Rosé, Blackpink’s Lisa fall in love?

In a radio interview, 2 Blackpink members, Rosé and Lisa, participated and answered about their ideal male type. Accordingly, Rosé replied, “Gong Yoo is my ideal type. I really might get nervous when I see Gong Yoo.”
Rosé revealed that she became a fan of Gong Yoo after the movie “Coffee Prince” in 2007.
“I became his fan from the movie ‘Coffee Prince.’ I watched the series regularly when I was in Australia. I also watched ‘Train to Busan.’ While watching this movie, me and my mother I cried a lot during the scene where he fell off the train and turned into a zombie. I watched “Goblin,” and I cried a lot in this movie, too,” Rosé said.
Attending a radio interview with Rosé, when listening to her senior, Lisa agreed that Gong Yoo is the ideal man. Gong Yoo’s acting is role-playing, his looks are ideal, and he’s very manly.
Gong Yoo’s real name is Gong Ji-Cheol. Gong Yoo’s stage name combines his father’s surname, Gong, and his mother’s surname, Yoo. The actor was born in 1979 with an ideal height of 1m84 and participated in many film projects that caused storms throughout Asia in Korea.
Gong Yoo was famous for the “Coffee Prince” project, then appeared in the “Goblin” project – a movie that was once on the list of the highest-rated movies of all time.
“Goblin” (Vietnamese title: Goblin), aired in 2016, has stormed screens in many countries when telling the love story of many lives between Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and his bride (Kim Go Eun). . The film was praised for its novelty in the way of exploiting the topic, the character line was reasonably developed, the emotions were intertwined between the past and the present convincingly, the film received high ratings right from its release and created a fever of comments during the broadcast.
Along with the “Goblin” craze created, Gong Yoo became the beloved male lead throughout Asia.
Also, in 2016, the zombie-themed movie “Train to Busan” with the participation of Gong Yoo set a box office miracle in Korea and was also the most-watched Korean movie in Vietnam then…
“Boys to Busan,” with a budget of $ 8.5 million, has earned $ 72.7 million with sales records from the theater. Taking the old theme of zombies, which is the strength of American cinema – but “Train to Busan” has a different way of telling and turning the zombies into a new mark of Korean cinema.
“Boys to Busan” recreates scenes of epidemics and zombies attacking Busan dramatic, dramatic but emotional. Zombie only becomes an excuse for “Train to Busan” to tell the story of people, life, and the bitterness and cruelty when people are pushed to the edge of life – death.
With his realistic acting, Gong Yoo brought tears to the audience’s eyes about fatherhood in the context of Busan, full of zombies.
With a series of expensive film projects, Gong Yoo became a prominent actor of the 7X generation on the Korean screen. Most recently, Gong Yoo participated in the series The Silent Sea, Seobok… In 2021, he played a cameo role in the Korean project that took the world by storm, “Squid Game.”



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