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Whoops! Han So Hee Enters the ER, Due to Injury to the Face while Filming.

Han So Hee suffered a facial injury while filming the K-Drama Gyeongseong Grinch. The actress is said to have been taken to the emergency room (ER) for treatment.
The news has also been confirmed by the agency 9ato Entertainment. The incident occurred when Han So Hee was doing an action scene in the drama.
“Today (August 3, 2022), Han So Hee suffered a facial injury. Fortunately, it was not a major injury, and she is not in a state where surgery is required,” wrote the agency 9ato Entertainment quoted from Koreaboo, Wednesday (3/8/2022).
According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, Han So Hee suffered a facial injury right in the eye while undergoing a fairly extreme action scene.
As a result, filming was suspended after the injury occurred and will resume after Han So Hee recovers.
While the production team will monitor Han So Hee’s health regularly, this is to avoid significantly impacting the filming schedule.
On the other hand, Gyeongseong Creature is a drama set in the dark year of spring 1945.
This drama tells the story of two young adults who face a mysterious creature and struggle to survive.
In this film, Han So Hee plays Yoon Chae Ok, a girl who has learned how to survive since she was young.
After surviving dire situations, Yoon Chae Ok skillfully wields weapons, knives, and all kinds of machines.
Besides Han So Hee, this drama series also stars Park Seo Joon. The handsome actor plays Jang Tae Sang, a rich man from Bukchon who has sharp insight and knows how to survive well.
Her friendly personality also made him a famous figure.



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