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Why are Jennie (BlackPink) and many idols criticized for being ‘lazy’ on stage?

As the Hallyu wave blooms and spreads globally, more and more young people dream of becoming K-pop idols. However, this is an environment with fierce competition rates and extremely harsh. Only excellent trainees who pass rigorous testing and training will have the opportunity to debut.
For that reason, female idols who are “lazy to dance” or perform “slowly” than other group members often face backlash and are suspected of not dedicating themselves to music stages.
1. Jessica (former SNSD)
Before leaving SNSD, “ice queen” Jessica was criticized for not performing the choreography of the hit I Got a Boy in 2013. While the other members were seriously dancing, vigorously flipping their hair, Jessica didn’t focus again and just shook her head slightly.It’s also not the first time the Summer Storm vocalist has been entangled in a lazy controversy. During the last years of activities with SNSD, many people noticed that Jessica often lacked enthusiasm on stage.
2. Lia (Itzy).
Lia has also faced backlash for being accused of being a bad dancer. She was repeatedly photographed with superficial moments, wrong performance movements.
Even netizens think that Lia does not match the energy of the other members. Because most of Itzy’s songs are very vibrant and require high technical skills, which Lia has not shown.
However, fans have defended the female idol because she is originally the main vocalist, not a professional dancer. Meanwhile, the rest of the members all possess outstanding dancing talent, so Lia lags behind.
Before the discussion from the online community, member Itzy has constantly tried and improved her dancing skills.
3. Jennie (BlackPink).
In 2018, Jennie began to be criticized by some people for being lazy to dance on stage. In some fancams (videos recorded by fans with camcorders), while the other members give their best, Jennie performs the choreography “halfway.” The video comparing the performance of the Solo vocalist was also quickly removed from YouTube by the management company YG Entertainment for copyright infringement.Since then, Jennie has been labeled a “lazy dancer” and suffers from star disease. However, fans also quickly found evidence to justify the female idol, that at that time, Jennie was suffering from a severe ankle injury.
4. Wonyoung (IVE)
Recently, former IZ*ONE member Jang Wonyoung became the focus of attention when debuting in the new girl group IVE. However, the 17-year-old goddess was quickly accused of performing simple choreography.On December 12, Korean online sites erupted into the controversy that Wonyoung did not perform the exact movements for her debut song Eleven.
In the video, IVE showed a lively and energetic performance. However, unlike the other 5 members, Wonyoung shook her head slightly in the hair-twisting choreography. Many people expressed their disappointment that she was “not sincere,” “lack of professional sense.” On the other hand, fans explained that the female idol’s hairstyle was the cause of the obstruction, and it was not suitable to perform the above dance.

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