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Why did Song Hye Kyo drop in rank, no longer the most beautiful beauty in Korea?

Recently, the King Choice site announced the vote results on “The most beautiful Korean actress of all time.” Compared to last year, the new rankings have many fluctuations.
After many years of “occupying” first place, Song Hye Kyo landed 6th place on this year’s chart. Many viewers consider this result relatively low for a famous Asian beauty like Song Hye Kyo.
In 2021, Song Hye Kyo ranked 4th, surpassing famous faces like IU, Kim So Hyun, Suzy, Han Hyo Joo…
After the shocking divorce in June 2019, the actress of the movie “Descendants of the Sun” was heavily affected by fame and her career.
She used to be the “rating queen” of Korean screens, but Song Hye Kyo received very few movies after her marriage broke down. The last work that the beauty of the Song family appeared in was “Now, We Are Breaking Up” with actor Jang Ki Yong.
The film was rated as a disappointing “fall of the horse” of Song Hye Kyo. When the rating was pathetically low, the public reaction was not positive.
Previously, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” was predicted to win big because the movie keyword kept on top of Naver’s search even though it hadn’t aired yet.
It can be seen that the choice of an ineffective script and the influence of the divorce made Song Hye Kyo’s career gradually go down. At 41, the Korean “beauty treasure” is still single, having difficulty finding the glory.
Although still, a face sought after by brands and brands, Song Hye Kyo’s position has shown signs of retreat compared to beauties of the same time, such as Son Ye Jin and Kim Tae Hee.



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