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Why is aespa poorly criticized, unable to surpass Blackpink?

For the past several days, the aespa’s performance at Coachella 2022 has been of great interest to Kpop-loving audiences. And today, at this cult music festival, aespa performed a series of hit songs Black Mamba, Next Level… and released a new song, “Life’s Too Short”.
When it was first announced that the aespa performed at Coachella, many people doubted because a rookie group could do anything in front of such a big stage? In addition, many viewers also compared their strengths with the two seniors, 2NE1 and Blackpink, before the show. And after watching aespa’s performance, many viewers thought that the girls could not surpass Blackpink.
The reason is that although aespa performed utterly live, unfortunately, they did not have a new remix version that was vibrant enough to suit the outdoor stage. Blackpink’s Coachella 2019 stage is also performed with a live band, not using the full open background music like aespa.
In addition, the reaction of the audience watching the show was not very interesting. Because the show was during break time, many viewers did not pay attention. The show atmosphere is not explosive compared to Blackpink.
Many people think that aespa is the worst-performing group among the Kpop groups that appeared at Coachella. However, many viewers encouraged and thought that the girls were still relatively young so that they could learn from experience later.
However, the most significant controversy is that their performance outfits are somewhat similar to Blackpink’s. This makes the fans of the 4 girls not very satisfied. Before that, aespa also had the same question.



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