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Why is Bae Suzy’s relationship with Lee Dong Wook considered more legendary than Lee Min Ho’s?

The beautiful actress Bae Suzy was previously in a relationship with Lee Dong Wook’s handsome actor.
They announced their unique relationship in March 2018. Four months later, it was reported that the two had ended their relationship because of their busy lives.
Netizens also reminisced about Suzy and Lee Dong Wook’s dating scandal, which ended in July 2018.
In an online community post, a netizen wrote, “Isn’t this the most legendary dating scandal yet?”
Then, netizens posted photos of news articles written back in 2018, when news of Suzy and Lee Dong Wook’s dating first broke out.
The news article’s title reads, “Suzy (emoji love) Lee Dong Wook ‘The two are not in a relationship, but after their dating scandal broke, they decided to officially start dating’.”
The top line of the photo then said, “Initially it was ‘some’ (stage before dating)..but since it’s true that they have feelings for each other, they made the decision to just date.”
In response to this, netizens gave various comments.
“But Suzy’s taste [in men] is very consistent. Lollll. She seems to like that fiery-eyed person.”
“Is this true? Personally, I think it’s more legendary than YG.”
“What? The two of them dated before?”
“These two must have really been dating after the news, seeing how they got the news of breaking up soon after.”
“Wow the combination of their faces is amazing.”
“At that time, my heart was pounding Lollll. It was because of Suzy and Lee Dong Wook’s visuals, but mostly because of thinking about how they weren’t dating at first but after the news spread, I can imagine them telling each other that they should just date.. .”
It is known that Lee Dong Wook finished his latest drama entitled ‘Bad and Crazy’ at the beginning of last year.
Meanwhile, Suzy is rumoured to be releasing a new drama soon titled ‘The Second Anna’.
He will also star in a drama series titled ‘The Girl’s Downstair’ with Yang Se Jong.



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