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Why is Jennie’s love story always the loudest in Blackpink?

1. Jennie is always caught up in dating news with big stars
Since debuting in 2016, Jennie has been the only member of Blackpink to date publicly. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Blackpink, especially Rosé or Lisa, have little trouble with dating news.
When she publicly dated for the first time, Jennie’s object was Kai – a member of the famous group EXO. On January 1, 2019, Dispatch announced the dating picture of the two stars. According to Korean media, Kai came to see and give gifts to Jennie right after completing his overseas schedule. However, just a few months after dating, they broke up to focus on their careers.
In addition to only acknowledging love, Jennie got caught up in many love rumours, especially with V (BTS) and G-Dragon. The love of Jennie and G-Dragon caused a stir throughout 2021. Dispatch was once again a “fierce god” for Jennie when publishing photos of her dating her senior. Dispatch then said that Jennie and G-Dragon’s family supported the relationship between the two. The management company YG Entertainment also did not prevent this love story.


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However, rumours about G-Dragon and Jennie breaking up have recently stirred public opinion. The reason is that G-Dragon unfollowed his juniors but still followed other Blackpink members.
A short time later, Jennie caught up with the dating news of V – a member of BTS. They were revealed to be travelling to Jeju, but the management company refused to answer on this matter. Recently, the love story between two group members, Blackpink and Jennie, has been the most exciting topic in Korean showbiz.
Jennie also has a large fan base, and many of them are stars, such as Kim Dongjun (ZE: A group), J. Seph (KARD), Jay Park, and Heechul (Super Junior)… They openly love each other—unique feelings for Jennie.
2. The female singer has a unique beauty.
One of the reasons why Jennie attracts male fans is her beauty, which is both luxurious, seductive and lovely. The female singer has a chubby face, different from the beauty standards in Korea. She has a well-proportioned figure, broad shoulders and a slim waist. Jennie ranked 18th in the top 100 most beautiful faces of 2017.
Among the 4 members of Blackpink, Jennie is known as the “fashion icon” of the group. She likes to wear a white crop top, statement shirt, cap and stylish sneakers. Even Jennie’s airport fashion feels modern, chic and stylish.
Jennie became the muse for world fashion and beauty brands like Chanel. She often uses this label in Blackpink’s music videos and in daily life because Chanel is Jennie’s favourite brand, fans nicknamed “Human Chanel” the singer.


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According to LOfficiel, Jennie is fiery, personable, intense and passionate on stage, but she is sweet and quite shy behind the camera. The singer has a bright and sweet smile.
People close, from producer Park to Jennie’s Pilates coach Jessie Yeo, describe the singer as shy. “I am very shy,” said Jennie Kim in Blackpink’s documentary “Light Up the Sky”.
Here is an aspect of Jennie’s attractive contrast. When participating in the TV show Running Man, Jennie once composed a cute poem named after Lee Kwang Soo. The poem made Lee Kwang Soo kneel in joy and happiness.
Jennie knows what her strengths and attractions are and always confidently shows them. “I don’t know if this is greedy, but there are so many things I want to do and show off. Regardless of the method of promotion, I want to continue to show new, different sides of myself,” Jennie said in an interview with High Cut magazine.
In a radio interview, Jennie revealed she prefers sexy guys over cute ones. She likes guys with a hot and manly temperament who work hard.



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