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Why is Song Hye Kyo’s “Now, we are Breaking Up” increasingly pale?

Specifically, in the development of the latest episode, after saying goodbye to Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong), Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) expressed heartbreak and fatigue. In addition, her job also encountered many difficulties, family problems also encountered many problems. Knowing her mother’s suffering, Young Eun was even more heartbroken; she knew that her love story was making her mother more miserable.
The new episode of “Now, we’re breaking up” was judged bland by the audience because the crew spent a lot of time on Mi Sook’s story. Not only her husband, but she also suffered because of the abusive words of her mother-in-law.
This time, young Eun and Chi Sook had to come out and talk directly to the Mi Sook couple, especially to warn their best friend’s husband about adultery. After that, Young Eun also brought Mi Sook back to the stage with an extraordinary company event. Seeing her friend shine during the years of suffering from cancer, Young Eun choked up and cried. This is an event where many famous designers worldwide participate in the online form, and it is also an event that Young Eun took a lot of time to convince the company to do.
Jae Guk was not present at Young Eun’s event because he was facing the pain of the “breakup.” Although it has not officially ended, he knows, Young Eun is very determined to end everything. Jae Guk even went to his brother’s grave sobbing, then went to his mother with a resolute attitude, begging her to let him love Young Eun “just like today.”
In another development, Jae Guk suggested Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) go to France to live with him because there would be more pressure coming to them if he continued to stay. However, Young Eun did not respond; it seemed that she could not shake off her responsibilities to her parents and work to pursue love.
After much thought, she refused his offer. Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) foresaw Young Eun’s reason because her parents had conflicts, her friend had cancer, and the company was difficult. Although Young Eun loves Jae Guk, she cannot easily give up her private life.
Jae Guk did not appear to support Young Eun. He went to the grave of his deceased brother in a drunken state. Hesitating for a long time, Jae Guk went to his mother and asked her to give him time, giving up everything, including Young Eun.
According to the audience, the new episode is full of dialogue and does not solve any of the main couple’s problems. Perhaps the most impressive details are just the crying scenes of Young Eun, the catwalk of Mi Sook, and the friendship of the three girls.
The film is criticized more and more.

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