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Why Jennie – BlackPink has had a huge impact on fashion around the world.

Jennie Kim – a member of the famous group BlackPink, has just returned to the public with a bright orange hair colour bold summer.
This is not the first time Jennie has made the public go with unpredictable style transformations from one surprise to another.
The name Jennie – Trendnie (trendsetter) is not a coincidence; it comes from the fashion trends she created herself, which young people enthusiastically received.
So, where does that attraction come from?
BlackPink group’s comprehensive coverage on a global scale
This is an indisputable fact when BlackPink has been dubbed the “dinosaur rookie” from the day of its debut.
The heat of this group in general and the members in particular, Jennie, has not shown any signs of cooling down. For that reason, her fashion style, from the MV to the events or in her daily life, has always become a topic of interest, thereby creating a wave of fashion trends. Different stages.
Atmosphere makes an impact.
It’s no exaggeration to say that if it weren’t for Jennie, perhaps that outfit, that accessory or that hair colour wouldn’t have been so popular.
In addition to her knowledge of fashion, how to choose colours, and mix and match items, the charisma of the BlackPink group member, is the critical factor that makes the fashion items she chooses outstanding. All the beauty it wanted to show.
Besides, Jennie is probably one of the few idols who aren’t afraid to try out new and unique styles or even reinvent them from old styles.
This is easily seen in the high teen fashion style – fashion inspired by uniforms, which Jennie aims for. Not-so-sophisticated outfits such as pleated skirts, wide-leg pants with pastel crop tops or hair accessories such as hair ties and large hairpins become more eye-catching than ever.
This is not a new fashion trend, but Jennie’s distinct expression and inherent influence brought this style back and received a strong response.
Not only for herself, but Jennie also proposed many ideas for BlackPink’s performance costumes, helping the group’s image every time they appear to be neat and professional.
Easy to find – easy to try – easy to choose
Besides unique items with high prices and high teen style, Jennie still actively uses simple, easy-to-match but unique items.
With the growth of global trade, it has become easier than ever to choose idols’ fashion items. Fashion imitating idols will no longer be a far-fetched thing. This is considered a catalyst to further stir up Jennie’s significant influence on youth fashion in recent years.
The popularity of fashion followers
Asian fashionistas actively respond and promote “Jennie style” through outfits inspired by Jennie’s outfits.
High teens had a spectacular comeback in Korea and spread to other Asian countries such as Vietnam and China.



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