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Why Lisa (BLACKPINK) deserves to be an excellent dancer in K-pop?

BLACKPINK members once said that the place where Lisa feels most comfortable is in dance class. Looking at the maknae’s unique performances on stage, fans partly understand her burning passion for choreography. Besides, what helps the female idol always be considered one of the best dancers in K-pop is the following 10 characteristics.
1. Body contours.
Although the height is only 1m67, the rare 9:1 body ratio helps her “hack her figure” to the top. The back is relatively short, and the slim waist makes Lisa’s legs look long.
Charming eyes
Since her debut, she has attracted attention thanks to her impressive visuals. Lisa has big round eyes, big eyelids like a Westerner. In particular, it is said to be the type of three white eyes, which makes Lisa’s eyes more mysterious and profound. Taking advantage of the “window to the soul,” Lisa always knows how to change her expression to match each tune. Not only that, her harmonious face and delicate lines helped her receive the title of “The most beautiful face in the world in 2021”.
2. Strong muscles.
In addition to the doll’s face, Lisa’s 0% fat body is also a shocking feature. On the show “Youth With You 2”, Lisa once revealed that she was not on a diet. Thus, this toned body, all thanks to Lisa’s intense training regimen. So, although she looks thin, she is still very healthy and full of life.
3. Various styles.
The audience has never commented on Lisa as “one color.” After 6 years of debut, she has changed many different styles from gentle, feminine to seductive, dynamic, and intense. Loyal to the horizontal bangs, she also changed her hair to long, short, straight, and curly.
As can be seen, Lisa knows her ability to master the stage, so she always radiates absolute confidence. All become extremely attractive from a wink, a raised eyebrow, or a smirk. Performing for the youngest member BLACKPINK is like a walk in my favorite world, so all pressure and anxiety suddenly disappear.
4. Good rhythm.
If you watch Lisa’s dance videos, it’s hard for people to see the moment when she is out of rhythm and out of step. In particular, the “living doll” can memorize choreography exceptionally quickly. In addition, she also has a fantastic choreography ability.



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