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Will Blackpink return to the year-end Kpop music race as previously predicted?

Specifically, recently, Korean media made predictions that Blackpink will return in December 2021. Because in this 2021, they don’t have any group music. Instead, Blackpink released a documentary and a Japanese album (re-edited based on old songs).

This makes fans eagerly look forward to their idol’s grand comeback at the end of the year. However, when YG announced its December activities schedule, its fans expressed disappointment.

Specifically, in Blackpink’s official December activity schedule posted by YG, Blackpink did not release any group products.

However, this year, YG continues to develop solo projects for Blackpink members by releasing 2 solo albums of 2 members, Rosé and Lisa. The other two members, Jennie and Jisoo, are also very busy with their schedules. If Jennie is busy with many fashion projects, Jisoo will debut as an actress in the movie project “Snowdrop,” which is scheduled to premiere on December 18.

It can be seen that 2021 is a year that YG focuses on promoting individual activities for Blackpink members, but the group still retains its charm on the brand rankings or “holds” many records on the charts. Music charts at home and abroad.

This year, BTS and TWICE released new products that impressed the audience. But Blackpink, they still firmly choose their path. Therefore, fans are forced to wait for the 4 YG girls to return in 2022.

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