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Will Kang Daniel Succeed in his 3rd Stint as a ‘Troublesome MC’?

Kang Daniel, who has grabbed the spotlight as a “troublesome MC,” seems to have found his calling. Rather than being overshadowed by the participants or judges on the survival shows he hosts, Kang Daniel himself garners more attention. It’s akin to the occasional supporting actor stealing the spotlight from the lead role in a drama, making a bigger impact than the main character.

Ahead of the first episode airing on the 22nd, Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” (hereinafter referred to as “SWF2”) held a production presentation on the 17th. “SWF2” is the second season of the dance survival program series that gained nationwide love during the summer of 2021. Season 1 showcased a fierce dance showdown and boasted a sensational popularity, producing numerous stars like Monica, Honey J, Aiki, Lee Jung, and Gavy. This season expanded its horizons globally, featuring Japanese crew Tsukabill and worldwide Avengers Jam Republic among the 8 teams, capturing attention.

The production presentation was attended by Kim Ji-eun PD, MC Kang Daniel, Fight Jezzi Monica, Special Jezzi Lee Eahata Aiki, and the leaders of the 8 crews – Liam (1Million), Bada (Baby), Mina Myung (DeepNDope), Custyn (Jam Republic), Nop (Lady Bounds), Funky Why (Mannequin), Akanan (Tsukabill), and Harlo (URPL). While expectations were high for the global crews upon the teaser release, the event itself saw a flurry of questions directed towards MC Kang Daniel, the production team, and the judges.

Of particular note is Kang Daniel’s role as the MC for the third consecutive year, following his stints in “SWF,” “SGF,” and “SMF.” While he has received praise for his leadership and love for dance during his tenure, he has not been immune to controversies, including slip-ups. In the final episode of “SMF,” he mistakenly mentioned a sponsor’s name, expressing gratitude for support from “CXX” when it should have been the competing product “TXX.” His subsequent attempt to explain it in a seemingly lighthearted manner, stating “It’s a joke. Half of it is sincere,” only intensified the controversy.

This was not the first time he misspoke. Kang Daniel had previously revealed his lack of sensitivity towards sexual remarks in private messages, drawing criticism from the public. Ahead of “SMF,” he engaged in a conversation with fans where he made comments like “‘SMF’ is comfortable and happy because it only has guys,” and “‘SWF’ is scary. The female dancers wear thick eyeliners.” When fans pointed out his remarks, he blocked them, amplifying the controversy.

Given that these incidents are not isolated, it’s harder to attribute them solely to nervousness and mistakes. Kang Daniel is a seasoned 7-year veteran in the industry and even leads his own company. As he introspects and takes time for genuine reflection, the progression of “SWF2” under his MCship is a question mark. The noise and controversies surrounding Kang Daniel have already reached a significant level, enough to potentially disrupt the hundreds of participants and production team members.

For the 8 crews and their dance prowess and stories to take the forefront, it’s crucial that Kang Daniel’s third stint as MC is successful. The role of an MC carries significant weight and responsibility.

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