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Winter aespa amaze Netizens, Give Letters to Fans with Own Handwriting.

Winter aespa recently amazed netizens with her friendliness and gentleness.
How not? The lead vocalist and dancer seemed friendly to share letters for fans he wrote himself.
If generally, Idols receive letters from fans, but Winter aespa does the opposite. The owner of the real name Kim Min Jeong looks even more charming because of her kindness regarding fan service, aka Idol’s treatment of fans.
Launching Soompi, Tuesday (18/10/2022), on Friday, October 14, a post in the online community became a scene. The post had the catchy caption, “Winter delivers a letter to her fans at the airport,” and managed to attract a lot of attention.
The post shows a different photo of the Idol at Incheon International Airport the previous day, Thursday, October 13, when the visual aespa was heading to the United States.
On that day, MY -as Aespa fans are called – flocked to the airport to drop off their favourite group and give letters to their favourite bias -member. At that time, Winter was seen receiving letters from fans, giving them something.
What was surprising was that Winter had written a response to her fans the night before and provided her letter to mine. There are many fans who receive letters from Winter and post the letters they receive in online communities
In the letter, Winter wrote warmly.
“Hi! It’s me, Min Jeong! I’m happy if ‘MY’ is happy because of me,” wrote Winter.
“I think I can grow more thanks to MY, always by my side even if I sometimes make mistakes or show my inexperience.
“Thank you for always cheering me on from afar. I’ll always be by your side no matter what,” Winter wrote excitedly.
Furthermore, Winter also reminded her fans to take care of their health and to eat regularly.
“Don’t forget to eat. I wanted to write a letter and give it to you too. What a relief I can see you and give the letter in person,” she continued.
After hearing that Winter had written to her fans, netizens praised how good the Idol was and expressed their envy. According to Knetz, that is the best thing an idol can do for her fans.
“This is the best thing an idol has done for her fans,” netizens commented.
“The fans must be very happy,” wrote another netizen.
“I thought it was so sweet that she wrote different things for each fan,” one netizen.
Meanwhile, aespa headed to Los Angeles to participate in the ‘KAMP LA 2022 K-pop festival’.



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