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With his new motion, Song Joong Ki immediately brings to mind Song Hye Kyo.

The main pair from the film Descendants of the Sun makes a significant reappearance in the Korean film industry between 2022 and 2023. Coincidentally, the pair was praised for their great transformation when both of their ventures, Reborn Rich and The Glory, fought against Asian tiny screens. Through a recent little action, Song Joong Ki brought to the audience’s attention the memory of Song Hye Kyo after more than 5 years since they first met and “became” “Decendants of the Sun”
In particular, it was revealed by Korean media that Song Joong Ki sent a video of congratulations to female artist Gummy at the celebration marking the 20th anniversary of her “debut” in the entertainment business. It is well known that this is the voice who provided the music for the 2016 Asian blockbuster Descendants of the Sun. Gummy and Song Hye Kyo are extremely close friends, and Song Joong Ki and her husband are also good friends. The two of them often play golf together.
Due of this relationship, internet users paid close attention to Song Joong Ki’s next move for Gummy. As a result, when Song Joong Ki still has a positive connection with his old buddy, many people compliment him. They also believe that this was purely an accident; the male protagonist, Reborn Rich, only expressed his congrats and had no intention of calling attention to Song Hye Kyo.
Others, on the other hand, “called” Song Hye Kyo’s name in and sympathized with the Song – Song couple’s love. Even though the performers have never spoken words, this action continues to draw a lot of interest and conversation.
Song Hye Kyo will soon premiere season 2 of The Glory, although Song Joong Ki still has a number of films awaiting recording and post-production before airing. He is also going to become a parent and has a lovely life with his foreign bride.



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