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With many similarities, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is considered the heir of Son Ye Jin.

Kim Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is considered Son Ye Jin’s successor because of many similarities with her senior. In an interview, Jisoo said that Ye Jin had a significant influence on her acting mindset.
For the first time acting in a movie, I got the leading role
It can be said that, despite debuting in different roles, Son Ye Jin and Kim Jisoo have never received supporting roles in their acting careers.
Jisoo is a Kpop idol who broke into acting with her first lead role in the movie Snowdrop with Jung Hae In. Snowdrop aired incompletely due to being involved in dirty media. However, the film has achieved specific achievements on the Disney platform.
Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin had her debut role in 2001 in the movie Sweet Proposal. At that time, Ye Jin was only 19 years old and was in her freshman year of university, majoring in acting.
The work is also a stepping stone for the acting career of the youngest Tam Dai Anh Hau in Korea.
Melo Queen has found her successor?
With the performance in “Snowdrop,” Jisoo made the audience change their initial thoughts about her. Many people “turned the car” to apologize for doubting the acting ability of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister.
When the movie ended, prestigious Korean newspapers made predictions about the success of actress Jisoo in the future. Accordingly, they think that compared to actors of the same age as Jisoo, she is the most prominent to “weigh” the Melodrama genre. This film exploits psycho-emotional emotions with many sensational and emotional elements.
Coincidentally, Son Ye Jin is known as the queen of this series. Her psychological and emotional films can be mentioned as The Last Princess, Hidden Crime, White Night,…
Being Jung Hae In’s screen lover
Senior Jung Hae In led Jisoo’s debut role in Snowdrop. The two actors are considered perfect couples and have stable chemistry when they work together.
Although Snowdrop has ended for a long time, the couple still works hard to interact on Instagram, making netizens constantly “push the boat.”
Meanwhile, Jung Hae In once “loved” Son Ye Jin in Beautiful Sister Buys Me Delicious Rice. The couple’s love once caused a fever in Asia when the movie was broadcast, and Jung Hae In has always supported Ye Jin in future projects. At the end of March, Hae In also attended the wedding of the century of Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin.
In addition, the looks of Ye Jin and Jisoo once caused fever because they are pretty similar. In a poll on “The most convincing sibling couple,” the two actresses topped the list with overwhelming votes.
I hope that Jisoo will have the opportunity to cooperate with Ye Jin senior according to her wish.



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