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YG directly deleted the clip revealing Jennie’s voice singing BLACKPINK’s new song, what’s going on?

On the evening of March 2, YG fans, especially BLINK (BLACKPINK fandom), had the opportunity to stir before a song was revealed through Somi’s Livestream. Specifically, the voice said to be Jennie (BLACKPINK) was leaked from a studio when Someone accidentally opened the door to the room. Right after that, she immediately closed the door and ran away. 
After the clip went viral on social media, YG confirmed that this song is from BLACKPINK and copyrighted. Somi’s Livestream clip was also “beaten,” officially deleted.
Immediately after the clip was deleted, fans continuously “wrecked out,” calling for Somi’s rescue. Many people also think that this is an unintended incident and hope Some will be fine:
– Ouch, rescue Some.
– It’s just unexpected.
– I hope Some is okay.
– Should I thank Some, BLACKPINK is coming back soon.
– Hey, let’s make the team to rescue Some.
– There’s only a 1 second part, so please don’t yell at Some.
Although it was an unexpected incident, this is also a good sign for BLACKPINK fans when it seems that the group Hac Huong is about to make a comeback after more than 500 days of absence. Or at least a signal that Jennie is preparing for her solo product after the song SOLO was released at the end of 2018.



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