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Yoo Ah In was rumored to be gay, Song Hye Kyo’s best friend was immediately attacked by netizens.

According to the Youtube Class B Issue, Yoo Ah In, a famous Korean actor, is rumoured to have a boyfriend, which was released recently.
The Class B Issue Youtube account uploaded a video with the title Yoo Ah In’s girlfriend is a talented photographer who watched it more than 500,000 times.This Youtube Class B Issue video also reveals that the alleged girlfriend of Yoo Ah In is a graduate of Seoul National University and works as a class A photographer.The Youtube video immediately went viral because a row of portraits of Yoo Ah In with a man suspected of being his lover appeared.This Class B Issue channel account also explains that Yoo Ah In often does lovestagram or shows affection on their respective social media.
Yoo Ah In himself, who was hit by slanted gossip, did not respond to the news, reported by KBIZoom.
However, this Hellbound Korean drama player uploaded a row of his profile portraits on Instagram.
His latest upload features a portrait of Jeong Jinsoo as the cult leader in the Korean drama released by Netflix.
After the oblique gossip appeared about Yoo Ah In, the Instagram of Song Hye Kyo’s friend was immediately invaded by netizens.
Many commented through Yoo Ah In’s latest Instagram upload.
“Is that the news, bro?” asked @gisellee_anastasia.
“There’s a strange rumour about you; I hope it’s not true,” said @crabraacancer.
“Is it true that what is reported about this Oppa?” ask @aie_r2.
“Bro, I hope the rumorrumours’t true, right?” asked @_britneyismine.
Yoo Ah In became famous through a Korean drama entitled Sungkyunkwan Scandal with his co-star Park Min Young.
Most recently, Yoo Ah In exploded through a film with Alive and the Korean drama Hellbound released by Netflix.
Yoo Ah In was recently made angry because of his interaction with Han Soo Hee at an award event.
Unfortunately, after being made to paper for a while, Yoo Ah In was again in the spotlight because it was rumoured to be dating a man and not a random person.
Yoo Ah In is a close friend of the beautiful actress Song Hye Kyo. They did not hesitate to show off their familiar portraits on their respective social media.
What do you think about the rumours about Yoo Ah In dating a man who is not a random person?

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