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Youtuber Lee Jin Ho revealed the shocking history of the team that raided Park Min Young’s agency, “They’re in big trouble”

During his live broadcast on November 10th, Youtuber Lee Jin Ho claimed, “The most important point in the seizure and search of HOOK Entertainment – Park Min Young’s agency is that it was conducted by the Serious Crime Investigation Division”.
Lee Jin Ho said, “It is rare for an entertainment agency to be raided without any special reason. Some people believe that it was due to an internal management problem, but it’s actually not like that”, adding “After the drama ‘Love In Contract’ aired several episodes, rumors of a romantic relationship between Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun broke out. The next day, the actress firmly confirmed their breakup but many people couldn’t trust it. The two were close to the point that they even know each other’s family members and thought about marriage.”

He continued, “However, on the day the drama ended, the news of HOOK Entertainment being raided was reported. This agency has been maintaining a good image since it is managing various celebrities who often spread good influence, such as Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, and Park Min Young. Therefore, this issue is expected to damage the agency’s image negatively”, adding “I tried to contact the agency to ask why they were raided, but couldn’t connect with them”.
Lee Jin Ho continued, “To summarize this seizure and search in a sentence, it can be ‘They’re in big trouble’. It is difficult to judge whether there is a crime or not only based on the police raid. The police are only collecting evidence in the early stage of the investigation”. “However, there is a part that people might have ignored. The raid was conducted by the Serious Crime Investigation Division”, he pointed out.

According to Lee Jin Ho, the Serious Crime Investigation Division was formerly called “Sajikdong Team”. In charge of tracking former President Kim Dae Jung’s slush funds, this team was also called the “Blue House Force for Special Tasks”. At that time, 30 people in “Sajikdong Team” were divided into 5-6 teams, and they received orders from the senior presidential secretary for civil affairs.
Lee Jin Ho explained, “‘Sajikdong Team’ belongs to the National Police Agency, but it was such a powerful team that even the Head of the National Police Agency couldn’t control as he wanted. This team developed and became the ‘Serious Crime Investigation Division’”, adding “The team is currently under the command of the National Police Agency and the National Investigation Division commissioners. If there is any mistake in the investigations, these two will take responsibility, so they won’t have to be involved in controversial issues”.
“KDH lawyer Kwak Jung Ki, who was on the team, also said that it was never a matter to be taken lightly. Since it is a very careful department in launching the investigation, it must have started the investigation with reasonable evidence or explanatory data on the allegations to some extent. In other words, it means that evidence or explanatory data may have already been secured”, he added.

Earlier, the National Police Agency’s Serious Crime Investigation Division raided HOOK Entertainment’s office building located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Nov 10th. The search and seizure, which began at 12 p.m. on the same day, lasted five hours.
It is still unknown why the police raided Hook Entertainment. However, the media is paying attention to the search and seizure of three listed companies related to HOOK Entertainment’s actress Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun.



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