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7 BTS members officially have personal Instagram

On the afternoon of December 6, BTS officially announced the 7 members’ Instagram accounts after 8 years since their debut. Previously, all 7 members interacted with fans through the group’s joint account. This is a “major” milestone that all Army has been waiting for a long time! Quickly, fans “landed” on the members’ Instagram, causing the followers of all 7 guys to increase rapidly with a “dizzy” level.Besides, all 7 BTS members also followed the official accounts of the group and the rest of the members. This move shows solidarity and implicitly confirms the unique “original” accounts of BTS members. Currently, the followers of all 7 members are still increasing and show no signs of slowing down.BTS’s move to use this personal account after 8 years of debut has made fans excited because now, the personal lives of BTS members will be shared and known more. This is also a place where artists can interact with their fans. Fans also praise Bighit when this is said to be quite a thorough preparation because the members have very short usernames without having to “deviate” from their real names.

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