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Actor Ahn Bo-hyun Clarifies Script Distribution Suspicions: “I Don’t Think It Will Be Controversial”

Addressing lingering doubts surrounding script distribution, Ahn Bo-hyun, the renowned actor, recently sat down for an interview in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, regarding his involvement in the SBS drama ‘Chaebol.’

Last year, Ahn Bo-hyun found himself amidst controversy when a making-of video from tvN’s ‘Yumi’s Cells’ stirred up speculation. The footage showed him reviewing the script with the assistance of a female staff member, sparking online discussions about script selling. Despite facing a barrage of criticism, Ahn Bo-hyun’s agency opted for silence. However, the costume stylist, the staff member in question, later clarified that the script display was merely due to an abrupt schedule change, absolving Ahn Bo-hyun of any wrongdoing.

Reflecting on the incident, Ahn Bo-hyun expressed surprise at the misunderstanding, emphasizing the longstanding relationships within his team spanning over a decade. He confessed to refraining from public explanations, fearing exacerbation of the situation. According to Ahn Bo-hyun, his decision stemmed from the belief that those familiar with him would discern the truth without necessitating a public rebuttal.

Looking ahead, Ahn Bo-hyun is gearing up for the release of ‘The Devil Has Moved In’ in June, where he stars alongside Yoona, Sung Dong-il, and Joo Hyun-young. Directed by Lee Sang-geun, the film promises a captivating narrative centered around an unemployed young man’s extraordinary encounters with a woman who transforms into a devil every morning.

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