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Actress Kim Ji-won Crowned as the New Face of Soju: The Reign of the ‘Queen of Tears’.


In a move that has captured the attention of both the entertainment and beverage industries, actress Kim Ji-won has been appointed as the latest ambassador for Soju, marking a significant shift in brand representation.

The decision to select Kim Ji-won as the new face of Lotte Chilsung Beverage’s Cheomduda Soju comes amidst the conclusion of actress Han So-hee’s one-year tenure as the previous advertising model. Despite speculation surrounding the brevity of Han So-hee’s contract, Lotte Chilsung Beverage has clarified that the decision was not influenced by recent dating rumors involving the actress, but rather by her preference for short-term commitments in light of evolving market trends.

Kim Ji-won’s emergence as the brand’s ambassador coincides with her portrayal of Hong Hae-in, a prominent character in the ongoing drama series, ‘The Queen of Tears,’ where she embodies the role of a third-generation heiress of the Queens group conglomerate. This alignment of her on-screen persona with the brand’s image is expected to resonate strongly with audiences, leveraging both her acting prowess and her character’s prominence to bolster the product’s appeal.

While official confirmation from Lotte Chilsung Beverage regarding Kim Ji-won’s appointment is pending, industry insiders anticipate a seamless integration of her public persona with the brand’s marketing strategies. The selection of Kim Ji-won reflects a strategic move by the beverage company to capitalize on her rising popularity and the widespread recognition of her current role, thereby enhancing the visibility and desirability of their product in a competitive market landscape.

As the ‘Queen of Tears’ assumes her new role as the reigning ambassador for Soju, all eyes are on Kim Ji-won to lead the brand into a new era of success, blending her captivating charm with the timeless allure of South Korea’s beloved distilled spirit.



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