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After dating Han So-hee’s Image Aftermath & the Rise of Go Yoon-jung


The news of Go Yoon-jung’s appointment as the new model for Nonghyup Bank reverberated through the financial world on the 7th, signaling a new chapter for the brand’s promotional strategies. Nonghyup Bank justified their choice by citing Go Yoon-jung’s ability to infuse trendiness into the bank’s friendly brand image, thus aligning with their evolving marketing goals.

This transition, however, didn’t occur in isolation but rather against the backdrop of Han So-hee’s departure from the position she held for three years. Han So-hee’s association with Nonghyup Bank had been noteworthy, with her and Kang Ha-neul gracing the bank’s promotional materials for a significant period. Their presence garnered substantial attention, evidenced by the millions of views their collaborative YouTube videos amassed.

Yet, as fate would have it, Han So-hee’s exit from Nonghyup Bank coincided with a period of personal turbulence. Amidst rumors and controversies surrounding her romantic entanglements, Han So-hee found herself embroiled in public scrutiny, which inevitably tarnished her once pristine image. Despite her agency’s assertions that the decision not to renew contracts with Nonghyup Bank and the ‘Like Chum’ advertisement stemmed from mutual agreements, the underlying narrative seemed to suggest a different story.

In the wake of Han So-hee’s departure, Go Yoon-jung steps into the spotlight, poised to carve her own path as the new face of Nonghyup Bank. With her selection reflecting the brand’s strategic vision and evolving identity, Go Yoon-jung’s tenure promises to usher in a fresh perspective, captivating audiences with her unique charm and relevance.

As the curtains close on one chapter and open on another, the transition from Han So-hee to Go Yoon-jung at Nonghyup Bank serves as a poignant reminder of the dynamic nature of brand representation and the ever-shifting currents of public perception. In this narrative of change and continuity, both individuals leave an indelible mark on the brand’s trajectory, shaping its narrative for years to come.



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