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Blackpink’s Jennie is set to dazzle fans once again with a surprise solo comeback slated for June.


Blackpink’s Jennie is set to dazzle fans once again with a surprise solo comeback slated for June, marking her first album release since venturing into solo territory. The announcement comes as a delightful revelation for enthusiasts eagerly awaiting new music from the K-pop sensation.

Reported by Yoon Hyo-jeong, it has been confirmed that Jennie will unveil her latest solo album this June, reigniting her presence in the music industry. Currently immersed in the meticulous crafting of her album, Jennie is channeling her energies into not just the creative process but also strategizing her solo career trajectory post-release.

Debuting as part of the powerhouse girl group Blackpink in 2016, Jennie swiftly ascended to global stardom through collective endeavors. However, it was her solo ventures with singles like ‘SOLO’ in November 2018 and the special release ‘You & Me’ in October 2023 that showcased her distinct musical identity, solidifying her status as a premier vocalist. With her forthcoming solo album, anticipation surges even higher as fans eagerly await to witness the evolution of her artistry.

Beyond the realm of music, this album holds significance as Jennie’s maiden project since establishing her private enterprise OA (Oud Atelier). After Blackpink renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for group activities, Jennie, along with her bandmates, opted to carve their individual paths, leading to the creation of OA in December last year.

Despite her solo pursuits, Jennie continues to captivate audiences through her regular appearances on the tvN entertainment program ‘Apartment 404’, endearing herself to fans with her amiable and adorable demeanor. Notably, she clinched the top spot for topicality among performers in the February rankings by Good Data, a testament to her enduring popularity. Additionally, Jennie’s influence extends to the fashion sphere, where she remains a coveted figure, gracing the campaigns of various brands as a model.

As the countdown to June begins, anticipation mounts for Jennie’s solo comeback, promising a musical journey that mirrors her evolution as an artist and a testament to her unwavering charm and talent.



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