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BTS Explains about following Jennie’s Instagram and then canceled it immediately.

As soon as each BTS member created a personal Instagram account, the social networking platform seemed to become highly chaotic. Fans can’t help but get excited when they see the group constantly uploading pictures and interacting on social networks. The number of followers on the members’ personal Instagrams has also increased rapidly with its popularity.
In particular, V is the member who receives a lot of love and officially breaks the records set on this platform. He broke Angelina Jolie’s record when he became the “Fastest person to reach 1 million and 10 million followers” on Instagram. At the same time, the male idol broke Billie Eilish’s record when his post became the post of “fastest celebrity to reach 1 million likes” after only 4 minutes.
However, fans suddenly discovered that, in addition to following other members’ Instagram accounts and the group’s joint account set up by the company, V also follows another female idol. That person is none other than Jennie from BlackPink. Although he only followed for a moment and then unfollowed, this surprised many fans and started a battle.
V pressed the button to follow Jennie sparked many theories, including speculation that the two were dating. Also, because they are two male and female groups with global appeal and always competing on the charts, this move made many fans angry. Many people attacked Jennie and asked her to “Let V be at peace”, “Don’t date V”…
Meanwhile, Jennie’s fans blamed V because he pressed follow, so this happened. Both sides constantly attacked and “stoned” the other’s idol from the usual quarrel. On social networking sites, the “war of words” continued endlessly.
Explaining about following Jennie’s Instagram and then cancelling immediately, V (BTS) expressed confusion and “begged” his fans: “How do I turn off the suggestion section on Instagram, everyone?… This app is scary.” Turns out, the guy just accidentally clicked on Jennie’s account on the “follower suggestion” section on this platform, and not for any other purpose.
Since this is the first time using Instagram, the male idol has a minor “omission”, unfortunately creating a “mess” on social networks. Wishing to end the wars, many neutral netizens asked fans of both sides to stop arguing. Accordingly, this is just an accident that is not worth arguing and should not cause enmity between fandoms (fan communities) with each other.

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