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Coming to America Lisa (BLACKPINK) is too bold!

Just recently, Lisa (BLACKPINK) has just made people crazy with her brand new, super pretty pink hair. This new image of Lisa has caused an explosion of social networks, proving the huge attraction of the globally famous female idol. Until today (November 11), Lisa continued to be a fan when she dared to show off her irresistible sexy bust.

Appearing at a studio in the US, the “international sister” wore a bra, showing off her sexy bust. And yet, the youngest member of BLACKPINK also wears pants that seem like they are about to fall off, highlighting her sexy hips. The unique cut-out outfit also helps Lisa show off her top-notch body with a tiny waist and a remarkably slim body. That’s the sexy style that wants to faint, but the expression of the BLACKPINK member is still lovely and cute. Calling Lisa a “living doll” is not wrong, she has both a beautiful face and a sexy body.

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