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Hyun Bin secretly expressed his affection for Son Ye Jin: From costumes, gestures to words, all are related to a beautiful girlfriend.

Today (July 31), Hyun Bin participated in an online fan meeting activity of a brand. Appearing in a jacket and jeans outfit, the actor “Crash Landing on You” was praised for his handsomeness and outstanding style.
In the conversation with the MC, Hyun Bin did not mention Son Ye Jin, but he secretly expressed his love for his beautiful girlfriend with extremely delicate actions. First of all, when it comes to costumes, this actor chose a jacket that is quite similar in color to the outfit that Ye Jin used to wear at the same event.
Then it must be mentioned that he has many similar gestures with his lover. Perhaps due to being close to each other for a long time, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have many things in common. In addition, when the MC asked Hyun Bin if he was happy now, he shyly answered yes. It is clear that he is very satisfied with the relationship between him and Son Ye Jin.
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin collaborated well in the movie “Crash Landing on You”. That’s why they got into rumors of fake movies. After many denials, the couple finally confirmed their relationship earlier this year. Although both are busy with their own schedules, they always try to find time to be together.

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