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Is Son Ye Jin Still the Eternal Goddess at 42 Despite Signs of Aging Showing in Recent Event?


Recently, Son Ye Jin made an appearance at a Valentino event in South Korea as a Brand Ambassador. Upon her arrival, Son Ye Jin immediately captured attention with her stunning and glamorous look.

The wife of Hyun Bin made a remarkable impression donning a white dress adorned with unique and eye-catching floral patterns. This ensemble exuded elegance while maintaining a sense of sophistication, making Son Ye Jin, a mother of one, appear radiant.

However, the spotlight shifted to unedited photos of Son Ye Jin taken at the event. In these images, she inadvertently revealed crow’s feet around her eyes, drawing attention to signs of aging. This inadvertently made Son Ye Jin appear older than before.

Despite remarks on signs of aging, Son Ye Jin also received numerous compliments on her timeless beauty, which seemingly hasn’t changed much since giving birth. Netizens noted that although Son Ye Jin has reached the age of 42, she still confidently wears a bright smile, despite knowing it may reveal more wrinkles on her face. This suggests that Hyun Bin’s wife isn’t overly concerned about the issue of aging when it comes to herself being discussed.

Despite displaying signs of aging at the age of 42, it doesn’t significantly affect Son Ye Jin’s flawless appearance and timeless beauty. This is why she consistently ranks high on beauty charts.

Son Ye Jin’s ability to exude grace and beauty regardless of age is a testament to her enduring charm and elegance, solidifying her position as a timeless beauty in the industry.



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