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Jimin BTS shocked fans with his Instagram avatar

Jimin posted a black and white photo of himself as his first Instagram photo and ARMYs all loved it. Naturally, Jimin looks just as handsome in his profile picture as he did in his first post. Some ARMYs noticed that Jimin’s profile picture is actually a fan edited photo.
The photo Jimin uses as his profile picture is an edit made by a fan on the Korean blog Tistory with the nickname 1013 × 1995. The original photo that fans edited is from BTS’s Map of the Soul On: E concept photobook.
The talented ARMYs used their photo editing skills to bring out Jimin’s amazing features even more and they put the words “your filter” on his neck in reference to his solo track “Filter” . Lucky fans noticed their edit was used as Jimin’s profile picture and wrote about it on his blog.
Fans wrote “No way… Why… How did this happen” in a post titled “?????”. Other ARMYs find it hilarious that Jimin uses a fan-edited image as his profile picture.

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