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Kim Ha-neul’s Long-Awaited Return to KBS Falls Short of Expectations.

Kim Ha-neul, a renowned actress, made a comeback to KBS after an eight-year hiatus, but the reception to her return has been surprisingly lukewarm. The premiere of KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘Let’s Get Caught by the Collar’, featuring Kim Ha-neul alongside Yeon Woo-jin and Jang Seung-jo, failed to capture the attention of audiences as expected.

The drama, a melodramatic chase thriller, revolves around a reporter and a detective from the violent crime team who find themselves entangled in a complex web of murder cases. For Kim Ha-neul, this marks her first appearance on KBS since the 2016 drama ‘Road to the Airport’. In ‘Let’s Get Caught by the Collar’, she portrays the determined reporter Seo Jeong-won, known for her motto, “The process may be embarrassing, but as long as the results are good.”

Despite the anticipation surrounding Kim Ha-neul’s return, the premiere episode of ‘Let’s Get Caught by the Collar’ garnered a mere 2.8% viewership rating, significantly lower than the debut episode of the preceding drama, ‘Fantasy Sonata’, which started off at 4.3%. The latter, starring emerging talents Park Ji-hoon and Hong Ye-ji, lacked the star power of Kim Ha-neul and her co-stars, but managed to attract higher ratings.

This disappointing performance adds to the ongoing slump in KBS’s Monday-Tuesday dramas. Previous works like ‘Pure Boxer’ and ‘Wedding Battle’ struggled to surpass the 5% mark in viewership ratings, plagued by controversies and criticisms of casting choices.

Kim Ha-neul expressed her ambition for double-digit viewership ratings at the production presentation, but whether ‘Let’s Get Caught by the Collar’ can turn the tide remains uncertain. With its somber atmosphere and focus on extramarital affairs, the drama faces challenges in resonating with viewers and sparking a significant rebound in ratings.

As the drama unfolds, viewers and industry insiders alike will be watching closely to see if Kim Ha-neul’s return can breathe new life into KBS’s Monday-Tuesday lineup, or if it will further contribute to the network’s ongoing struggles in the competitive television landscape.

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