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Kim Ji-won’s Startling Revelation: Sharing the Stage with Younha Unveils Hidden Piano and Vocal Talents.

Kim Ji-won, widely known for her impeccable acting prowess, recently stunned fans with an unexpected revelation about her past endeavors in the music realm. The revelation surfaced during her appearance alongside co-star Kwak Dong-yeon on the popular TV show ‘Amazing Saturday.’

In a moment of delightful nostalgia, a video showcasing Kim Ji-won’s musical talents graced the screens, capturing her in a refreshing light as she showcased her piano skills alongside her melodious voice.

As the footage rolled, Kim Ji-won couldn’t hide her surprise, exclaiming, “Huh? It’s me,” her cheeks flushed with a hint of embarrassment. The ‘Nolto’ cast, equally intrigued by this newfound facet of the actress, couldn’t help but inquire further.

Their curiosity peaked as they questioned whether Kim Ji-won harbored secret aspirations of a singing career or perhaps even an album release. Even Boom, with his characteristic wit, probed, “Did you film a video of yourself singing for ‘Nolto’?”

To their amazement, Kim Ji-won disclosed a remarkable anecdote from her past, revealing, “I once accompanied singer Younha on stage, playing the piano as she performed. We shared the same agency, and as a result, we collaborated on a music video and even graced the stage together.”

When pressed about her piano skills, Kim Ji-won modestly admitted, “I was quite proficient at playing the piano back then,” leaving the audience in awe of her multifaceted talents beyond the realm of acting.

Kim Ji-won’s surprise confession serves as a delightful reminder of the hidden talents that lie beneath the surface of our favorite celebrities, adding yet another layer of admiration for this versatile star.

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