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Kim Sae-ron’s Social Media Erupts in Controversy Over Kim Soo-hyun’s Photo: Comment Section Shut Down as Silence Prevails.

In the early hours of the 24th, a single post on social media managed to stir up a storm of controversy, with Kim Sae-ron at the center of it all. Amidst her ongoing self-reflection following a recent drunk driving incident, the actress found herself embroiled in yet another controversy, this time involving a seemingly innocuous photo featuring her and actor Kim Soo-hyun.

The now-deleted photo, which surfaced on Kim Sae-ron’s Instagram story, depicted a close moment between her and Kim Soo-hyun, sparking immediate speculation and dating rumors. Despite the swift deletion of the post merely three minutes later, the internet had already caught wind of it, leading to a flurry of conjecture regarding the nature of their relationship.

Gold Medalist, Kim Soo-hyun’s agency, swiftly addressed the rumors, dismissing them as baseless and attributing the photo to a past affiliation between the two actors. However, the damage had been done, with fans pouring in criticism and concern, particularly those invested in the ongoing drama ‘Queen of Tears,’ where Kim Soo-hyun shares an on-screen romance with actress Kim Ji-won.

Netizens expressed dismay at the timing of the post, especially considering the heightened emotions surrounding the drama’s storyline. Some went as far as to criticize Kim Sae-ron for potentially jeopardizing Kim Ji-won’s career aspirations, given the drama’s significance in her professional trajectory.

Adding fuel to the fire were past dating rumors between Kim Sae-ron and Kim Soo-hyun, along with comparisons to a similar scandal involving IU and Eunhyuk from years prior. The actress, already under public scrutiny following her drunk driving incident, now faced intensified criticism for her seemingly careless actions.

With no explanation or apology forthcoming from Kim Sae-ron, the closure of her comment section on subsequent posts only served to further enrage netizens, who continued to vent their frustrations unabated. As the controversy rages on, it remains to be seen how Kim Sae-ron will navigate this latest setback in her already tumultuous career.

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