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Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Ji Won as Bride and Groom? Exclusive Revelations at Taiwan Fanmeeting!

South Korean star Kim Soo Hyun captivated his Taiwanese fans during his “Eyes on You” Asia tour fan meeting in Taipei. The event, filled with excitement and surprises, showcased the actor’s charm and wit, leaving a lasting impression on his audience.

Kim Soo Hyun started by expressing his gratitude and excitement for being in Taiwan. Despite this being his fourth fan meeting, he confessed to feeling nervous, revealing that he had to practice diligently to prepare for the event. His candid admission endeared him to the fans, who appreciated his honesty and dedication.

The highlight of the evening came when the host asked Kim Soo Hyun about his feelings after a wedding ceremony. With a playful smile, he responded that despite calling it a wedding ceremony, all the cast members had just met each other, making everyone feel awkward, including the “bride and groom.” Fans were both amused and puzzled by his comment, wondering what he meant by referring to himself and Kim Ji Won as the bride and groom.

Kim Soo Hyun’s playful nature shone through when he held up a lavender flower and innocently asked his fans why they were laughing. His genuine confusion and lightheartedness made the moment even more endearing. Fans couldn’t help but laugh along with him, appreciating his ability to create such a warm and engaging atmosphere.

Throughout the fan meeting, Kim Soo Hyun interacted with his fans, sharing stories and answering questions. He expressed his deep appreciation for their support and love, acknowledging the special bond he shares with them. The fans, in turn, showed their unwavering admiration, cheering and applauding at every opportunity.

The event concluded with Kim Soo Hyun thanking his fans once again and promising to return to Taiwan soon. His heartfelt words and genuine connection with his audience made the fan meeting an unforgettable experience for everyone present. As the night ended, fans left with smiles on their faces and memories that would last a lifetime.

Kim Soo Hyun’s “Eyes on You” fan meeting in Taiwan was not just an event but a celebration of the special relationship between the star and his fans. His humor, sincerity, and warmth made the evening truly magical, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next visit.

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