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Kim Soo-hyun & Kim Ji-won's 'Queen of Tears' Reigns Supreme in Topicality for 6 Weeks Straight - Toplistkdrama
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Kim Soo-hyun & Kim Ji-won’s ‘Queen of Tears’ Reigns Supreme in Topicality for 6 Weeks Straight

tvN’s Success Continues with ‘Queen of Tears’ Breaking Records

tvN has once again proven its dominance in the television landscape with its latest hit drama, ‘Queen of Tears’. Since its premiere, the show has shattered its own viewer rating records for six consecutive weeks, culminating in an impressive average rating of 23.2% and a peak of 25.2% in the metropolitan area.

Not content with just traditional ratings success, ‘Queen of Tears’ has also made waves in the digital realm. It achieved the highest number of weekly video views in tvN’s history, amassing a staggering 188 million views in just one week and surpassing the milestone of 1 billion cumulative video views across various paid platforms.

The drama’s popularity isn’t limited to viewership numbers alone. According to the Fundex Report by Good Data Corporation, ‘Queen of Tears’ dominated the topicality charts, maintaining its position at the top for six weeks straight. Even the newly premiered drama ‘Seonjae and Jump’ followed closely behind, securing tvN a remarkable 75% share of drama topicality.

Furthermore, when considering both TV and OTT platforms, tvN commands a market share of 64% in terms of topicality. Notably, eight out of the top ten spots in the cast topicality index are occupied by tvN actors, solidifying the network’s reputation as a purveyor of quality dramas.

With ‘Queen of Tears’ achieving nationwide ratings comparable to tvN’s all-time hit ‘Crash Landing on You’, anticipation is high for its final episodes. The return of acclaimed writer Park Ji-eun, coupled with the network’s commitment to delivering compelling content, bodes well for tvN’s future success.

Looking ahead, tvN shows no signs of slowing down. The upcoming drama ‘Graduation’, helmed by renowned director Ahn Pan-seok, promises to captivate audiences with its blend of romance and intrigue set against the backdrop of an academy district. With a focus on maintaining its unique identity and global appeal, tvN remains dedicated to producing content that resonates with viewers worldwide.

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