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Kim Young Dae leaves School 2021, the two parties involved have made somewhat contradictory announcements with each other.

Previously, on July 15, netizens were once agitated when they received information that actor Kim Young Dae suddenly withdrew from the School 2021 project. Kim Young Dae’s management company also announced that the male actor The actor will no longer be starring in the upcoming KBS drama.

At the time, the School 2021 production team commented that the decision was made without any discussion and that they would work again to come up with a final resolution. On July 23, School 2021 confirmed that Kim Young Dae will be leaving the drama with the official announcement:
This is the official statement about actor Kim Young Dae leaving School 2021. Currently, School 2021 has received a notice of departure from actor Kim Young Dae’s management company. This has certainly affected the production and the plan is to start filming soon after finding a replacement actor.
The decision to leave requires the consent of both of them just like when deciding to act in a drama, and we feel regretful that the management company has made a one-sided announcement about the male lead’s departure. film without the consent of the film’s production board. The actors and staff of School 2021 will try their best to give viewers a great project that is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.
The School 2021 film crew said that Kim Young Dae unilaterally withdrew from the project without the producer’s consent, affecting the film’s production. In response to the announcement from the crew, Kim Young Dae’s agency, Outer Korea, released a statement “refuting” the drama on the same day.

(Note: School 2021 was originally scheduled for 2020, so parts of the statement would refer to the movie as School 2020, but both School 2020 and School 2021 refer to the same movie)

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