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Lee Min Ho mentioned Kim Go Eun’s name during his fan meeting.

Lee Min Ho’s recent fan meeting in Indonesia was a spectacular event that drew a massive crowd. Fans gathered in large numbers at the airport, creating a bustling scene as even airport personnel joined in to take photos of the beloved actor. The overwhelming crowd size led to a last-minute change in the press conference venue.

Once on stage, Lee Min Ho delighted his fans by singing a song and spending around three hours with them. The excitement was palpable, as fans stood throughout the entire show, unable to sit down due to their enthusiasm. Adding to the memorable experience, Lee Min Ho read a heartfelt letter he had written, apologizing for not coming sooner and expressing gratitude for their patience and support.

After the event, Lee Min Ho took photos with fans, creating special memories for everyone involved. During a press interaction, a reporter asked if he was dating Kim Go Eun. In response, Lee Min Ho humorously suggested the reporter ask her directly and blushed, adding a charming moment to the occasion.

The event left fans elated, with many capturing photos and cherishing the time spent with the star. Lee Min Ho’s visit to Indonesia was undoubtedly a memorable event for all his admirers.

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