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NCT DREAM Unveils Captivating ‘Smoothie’ MV Teaser.

Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as NCT DREAM drops a tantalizing sneak peek into their upcoming track, “Smoothie,” through an electrifying music video teaser.

In this brief glimpse, fans are treated to a preview of the infectious groove that permeates the song, alongside the group’s signature solemnity exuded by its members.

“Smoothie,” the title track, promises to be a hip-hop dance anthem, characterized by its pulsating 808 bassline, captivating snare rhythm, and catchy chants. The synergy between its message and the relaxed yet dynamic expressions of the members is palpable, setting the stage for an unforgettable musical journey.

The music video for the title track embarks on an intriguing narrative, beginning with NCT DREAM’s encounter with a poisonous substance. It artfully unfolds the tale of each member’s quest to procure ingredients for an antidote. Coupled with its conceptual storytelling, the monochromatic aesthetic portraying a dystopian realm juxtaposed with bursts of vibrant colors, particularly the striking red hues, promises to captivate viewers with its avant-garde visual allure.

“DREAM( )SCAPE,” NCT DREAM’s highly anticipated new album, comprising six tracks including the title song “Smoothie,” marks the group’s maiden voyage into a realm where reality fades into dreams. It encapsulates their odyssey to break free from the shackles of mundanity and chase after an elusive utopia, exploring the gamut of emotions encountered along this transformative journey.

Fans won’t have to wait long to immerse themselves in the sonic and visual feast that is “DREAM( )SCAPE” as the album is slated for release on various music platforms at 6 PM on March 25th. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating escapade into the realm of NCT DREAM’s dreamscape.

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