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New Jeans Drops Dual Singles Simultaneously in Korea and Japan!

Girl group NewJeans is gearing up for an exciting season as they prepare to captivate audiences on both Korean and Japanese fronts. With a flurry of announcements from their agency, Adore, fans are eagerly anticipating a double dose of musical treats and thrilling events.

Firstly, mark your calendars for May 24th, as NewJeans unveils their latest single in Korea. Entitled ‘How Sweet’, this anticipated release features not only the titular track but also the catchy B-side, ‘Bubble Gum’, along with two mesmerizing instrumental pieces. What’s more, ‘Bubble Gum’ is slated for dual-purpose use, set to charm audiences both as an advertising jingle and as the theme song for a television program in Japan.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. On June 21st, NewJeans will make their official debut in the Land of the Rising Sun with a Japanese single release. Titled ‘Supernatural’, this debut single promises to enchant listeners with its captivating melodies. Accompanied by the lively B-side ‘Right Now’ and two instrumental tracks, this release heralds NewJeans’ entry into the Japanese music scene with flair. Notably, ‘Right Now’ will precede the Japanese release, hitting the airwaves as commercial music in both Korea and Japan come May.

As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, fans will have the chance to connect with NewJeans in person at the highly anticipated fan meeting, ‘Bunnies (New Jeans Fandom) Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome (Poster)’. Set to take place at the iconic Tokyo Dome in June, this event promises unforgettable memories and moments shared with the beloved group.

But that’s not all—NewJeans is set to make history with their first solo performance in Japan at Tokyo Dome on June 26th-27th. Following the release of their debut Japanese single, this concert extravaganza will showcase the group’s talent and charisma on a grand scale, solidifying their place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Looking ahead, NewJeans has even more in store for their devoted followers. With plans for a new album in the latter half of the year and whispers of a world tour on the horizon for next year, the journey of NewJeans is just beginning, promising excitement and adventure at every turn. So, buckle up, fans, and get ready to join NewJeans on their exhilarating musical odyssey!

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