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Shin Dong Wook admits that Song Hye Kyo’s heart flutters, can’t take his eyes off for a second while filming the love scene

In an interview, Shin Dong Wook – the actor who played Yoon Soo Wan in the movie Now, We Are Breaking Up, revealed about Song Hye Kyo. “If you meet Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) for the first time! Like a magic power you won’t be able to take your eyes off even for a second to look at her foolishly. You’ll even forget your own name me in that moment. Isn’t this the beginning of love?” In the movie, Shin Dong Wook plays Yoon Soo Wan – Ha Young Eun’s ex-lover. Both had a sweet time dating in France. On a rainy day, Ha Young Eun desperately waits for her boyfriend but does not see Yoon Soo Wan arriving at the rendezvous point. She sadly returned and lost news of her boyfriend for 10 years. This strongly lashed out at Ha Young Eun, making her no longer believe in love. However, the truth is not like what Ha Young Eun thinks. That night, Yoo Soo Wan died in a car accident, so he couldn’t keep his promise. After learning the truth, Ha Young Eun sobbed in regret. Now, We Are Breaking Up revolves around Ha Young Eun, a design team leader at a major fashion brand. With an independent personality and always in control, Ha Young Eun is representative of the modern generation of women who value their careers and do not waste time in boring love relationships. However, everything started to change when Ha Young Eun met Yoon Jae Guk.

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